Marc Simon, Photo editor at VSD - Paris
"As photo editor for VSD magazine for more than 11 years after being a photojournalist for 25 years, I could appreciate Laurent Bouvet's work with my twin perspective, that of a photojournalist and of a photo editor.
Laurent combines his journalistic approach by developing his stories with his photographer's instinctive eye for quality images, most notably when shooting adventure, which is highly prized at VSD... and all this is done to the convenience of the agency's structure."
Patrick Parquet, Creative Director at DDB, Creative Director at MNSTR - Paris
"I have known Laurent for many years. What I love about him is his capacity to capture a moment in time, an action or a landscape as close to that instant of reality as one can get, with a precision and an atmosphere only accessible to major photojournalists.
In the centre of an image there is a look that tells a story in its entirety, emotions included.

The other speciality he has is his early anticipation of the technical evolution of equipment and the methods of diffusing images making him a pioneer. This affiliation of technique and his eye gives a unique quality to his work, situating him as a reference in the world of photography."
Stephen Maurel, Head of communications Wed'ze -Domancy
"Since was created we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Laurent Bouvet for the production of all our images. The key words that spring to mind with this alliance are professionalism, exceptionally high standards, sharing and human relations. Laurent is a professional in all senses of the word, he's passionate, and we have been able to perfectly illustrate the values and identity of our brand through his photographs."
Alec Smyth, personal submariner - Washington DC
"To make a long story short, Laurent Bouvet ended up joining us on a recent dive in Seneca Lake, NY. The weather was freezing and gray, raining on and off, and I remember thinking it was a shame he’d missed the fall colors. But somehow his photos are vibrant despite all that. In addition Laurent is just an exceptionally nice guy to have on the team. He was in the cold water for ages not only taking photos but switching out ballast weights, retrieving small objects that I dropped in the water, turning on and off the sub lights, pushing the sub around on the ramp, and so on. In short, the day I am in a position to put together real “expeditions” with a sub, Laurent is one person I would definitely like to have on board".
Anne Gery, Press Officer at Infocimes - Chamonix
"Laurent is a chamois... All the treks we have done together high, hot, difficult, calm, at altitude in the mountains or in the desert, Laurent goes off into the distance, disappears, jumps, gallops, runs and then comes back. His eye is everywhere, higher, on the side, in the distance. He captures it all with discretion, without offence, without disturbance, as if his objective wasn't even there.
Meetings with people in villages at the far corners of the earth are the same: warm, discrete and respectful. Quality photographs and humanitarian qualities are indispensable for taking travel images. To capture a genuine adventure, which takes place between humans in unique and majestic places, you must open your eyes and your heart...
Laurent is like a chamois. he sees and understands everything."
Thierry Demonfort, Navy Officer, skydiver, aeronautic events organiser - Hyeres
"Since the first crossing of the Gibraltar Straits in 2003, I always contact Laurent Bouvet to cover my aeronautical events. If taking photographs on the ground is for any professional photographer, a shooter at a height of 3500m standing on a helicopter skid or suspended from the basket of a hot air balloon is not everyone's cup of tea. This is exactly Laurent's area of excellence.
Perfectly autonomous at ensuring his own safety, he immediately understands the essence of a synopsis, the importance of the aeronautical means at his disposition and what is expected and he doesn't hesitate to assist the technical team.
In a professional relationship such as this naturally a lasting friendship forms that is consistent with the man and his exceptional work."